Here at talking candles we strive to make candles and tarts that are healthier for people and the earth.

Please note: Talking Candles don’t actually talk. (That would startle me and others I think.) Talking refers to the crackle sound they make when burned.

Happy New Year! New fragrances are coming very soon!

Due to the seasonal change, spring/summer scents will be in limited demand, mostly so that people in the southern hemisphere can enjoy the products that match with their season. It will also allow those that absolutely hate the cold to bring the summer feeling back.

Payment Methods:

Stripe: Accepts Apple Pay, Debit and Credit cards

Paypal: All Debit, Credit Cards and Venmo (Venmo can be used for local in person sales as well)

Square: For in person sales, accepts all cards.

With autumn and Christmas right around the corner these fragrances are now available for purchase.

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte

  • This is Halloween

  • Making Christmas

and more are coming soon!

Things to point out about the new and improved Talking Candles:

You can make your own account!

This will save:

  • Payment methods

  • Shipping addresses

  • Order History

A calendar is open to everyone to view!

This will have:

  • Giveaway information, rules, prize details, and entry dates.

  • Upcoming sales/deals information.

In house digital giftcards!

  • Once you or the recipient receives their gift card, you/they can redeem it by entering the gift card code at checkout.

  • Gift cards apply to the order total which includes taxes, shipping, and any transaction fees.

A built in blog, Candle Talk!

Discount Code Page.

Don’t forget to have a look at the store and shipping information page! A jump to the discounts page may help save you a little money! Thank you and happy shopping!