Here at talking candles we strive to make candles and wax melts that are healthier for people and the earth.

Please note: Talking Candles don’t actually talk. (That would startle me and others I think.) Talking refers to the crackle sound they make when burned.

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All stock must go!

Winter has not been kind to the candles here in FLA, causing wet spots (wax pulling away from the glass) and frosting (cloudy wax, which fades the colors). Due to these changes and the need to get rid of old stock to replace it with the new updated stock I must get these candles out of here!

Candles are $4.99 (7.5 oz option)

Payment Methods:

Stripe: Accepts Apple Pay, Debit and Credit cards

Paypal: All Debit, Credit Cards and Venmo (Venmo can be used for local in person sales as well)

Square: For in person sales, accepts all cards.

Things to point out about the new and improved Talking Candles:

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