My little mascot, Owen the Owl

My little mascot, Owen the Owl


 Talking Candles started out as a concept in 2017. I had begun looking at other book inspired candle companies and I decided I wanted to do the same thing, but with a wider reach.

 Talking Candles is more than books, it embraces all inspiration that spawns an idea for a fragrance.

For this simple fact is why Talking Candles isn’t just a bookish candle shop. It’s a shop for people who love holidays, princesses, movies, and so much more!

As the owner I try to keep my personal opinions out of my job, though a few things have carried over:

First, that we as a people should care for the Earth. This means smarter and more sustainable practices are put to use. I will be utilizing paper products, glass, and as little plastic packaging as possible. The only items that will have any type of plastic are the tarts packaging, but it is still 100% recycle-able.

I strongly encourage reusing the glass jars once the candle has been used up. You can reuse the jars as cups, storage for treats, or whatever you come up with! This way we can all make a better impact on our environment.

I do hope to come up with a container return program.

Second, I firmly believe in old fashioned customer service, one on one, honest communication. There are three ways to get a hold of me, all which can be found on the Contact page. I’ll do my absolute best to respond in a timely manner.

To be really and truly honest, I am still learning. Every day is a creative adventure for me. Learning that the products I have created are bringing enjoyment to people while also keeping the environment in mind is amazing. 

Hopefully Talking Candles can be a fun way to have a more immersive reading experience. Perhaps a Talking Candle or Tart will remind you about that awesome movie that you love and may want to watch again. It can also be a friendly reminder of a memory that you cherish from many years past.

I look forward to creating more inspiring products to light and fragrance your world.