The Talking Candles REps

(To date)


One of the two current reps I have. She’s a wonderful rep and always takes beautiful photos no matter what theme she comes up with. Close as a sister to me.

Is so Lara Croft it’s nuts. Active, jet setting and razor smart. She also takes wonderful photos that have a very cozy feel to them. Again, she’s family to me.

How Talking Candles handles brand reps

In the history of Talking Candles, not once has there ever been a brand rep search. There are plans for an alternative method, but that will be explained in detail in the section below.

I fully intend on keeping any reps that I add to my team long term. I don’t terminate a time frame. It is all voluntary. If a rep ends up needing to take a break, due to an upheaval in their life, I welcome their open communication. If a rep needs to stop being a rep for whatever reason, again I appreciate and welcome their open communication about what’s going on.

My reps are like family, an extension of my own family, differences and all.

Time frame of Rep Boxes.

I have no time frame to be perfectly honest. I ship boxes out as soon as I have enough variety of new products to do so. I send full size products only, no samples. Which is why it takes time for me to prepare these things, I don’t slouch through.

I do however try to take into account each reps personal preference in fragrances.So reps may not get ALL the same thing. If one rep enjoys woodsy scents, but not fruity scents, and vice versa for the other, I will send fragrances that I have created to each rep that leans towards what they like.

The only way this will not happen is when I put together a line. Both reps will get everything. They are free to do with these products as they choose upon receipt and after taking enough photos of each item. If they wish to burn them, wonderful! Gift them? I hope they include my business card!

Rep Box Giveaways

Rep box giveaways are entirely different from having a rep itself. These giveaways are set with a set amount of boxes, four. Each box gets sample size tins of each product. This allows me to send more candles for each box, which is quite helpful. I intend on doing medium flat rate boxes for this. By my estimation 24-36 sample tin candles should be able to fit in each box. Quite the amount. Though unconfirmed. These details will change once it is confirmed.

Winners of the giveaway will get ONE box, with an assortment of candles/wax melts. The style is of their choosing. The giveaway is for the box up for grabs at the time, and never for anything more.

What do the long term reps get?

  • Rep code for 15% off to share with their followers on Instagram and whatever social media they choose.

  • Free items regularly though the year.

  • A personal discount code they can use for themselves.

  • (Hopefully) A strong bond with the other reps and myself, as I do see everyone like family.