Blog Upgrade!

Thanks again for visiting Candle Talk! I wanted to share a few updates, and major changes!

Major update: NEW FRAGRANCES!

I am doing Divergent, Heartless, and Alice in Wonderland! Divergent and Heartless are complete sets, where as I will be adding to Alice in Wonderland as I figure out fragrances for other characters!

Memorial candles will be available soon!

Samples of ALL FRAGRANCES will be available for purchase! They will be grouped by fandom/book/show/movie/season/holidays. However, each fragrance will have a sample selection, if you choose to just try one. Bundle samples will be listed separately.

Major update 2: VLOGS! I won’t be writing much anymore unless it’s to talk about sales and things! I want to show the candles as I talk about them and this is the best way for me to do so. Caught on camera! I’m excited to bring these changes and can’t wait to keep growing this year!

- Meg

Opinions, Updates

On demand, or premade?

Sorry for the late post everyone! I know most of my posts are short, sweet, and to the point most days. Today…. may not be one of those days.

I’ve been running around trying to get my life (home and Talking Candles) together for next weekend! So, if you plan on ordering anything, please do so by Friday morning 9 AM EST Dec 14th. I’ll actually be picking my boy up early from school to beat traffic for the weekend. Can’t call him out for the day. He missed too much time with breaking his clavicle and all.


I’m kicking around the idea of doing on demand orders, rather than premaking everything, including wax melts. That way everyone can get what they want, they just have to wait for cure time, and possibly fragrance ordering time. (If I don’t have the fragrance in stock.) This would open up to MORE fragrances being released more quickly.

What do you think? I have also asked the question on Instagram Stories, so a comment here or there is very helpful!

I might do single fragrances, on demand, and blends will have to be premade until the become popular on their own standing? This might be helpful in the long term to do things this way.

Another thing I’ve been wondering is if anyone REALLY wants Lux candles. Not a nary one has sold, even though they are ridiculously practical. Oh well. I’ll probably end up gifting them if I don’t have them sold by the time Friday rolls around. Can’t visit for a early Christmas weekend without presents!

The Christmas sale is still going on! Best to get the shopping finished if you’re ordering online before the 22nd! That way mail doesn’t get too crazy!

Despite all these thoughts, and questions, I do hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! Or productive depending on what needs or has to be done!

Keep burning bright!



Mini Melt Update and more!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week if you are in the U.S.A. no matter what day you celebrated. I had a great time celebrating the day with my family.

Update on the Mini Melts!

I have 2 available for Pumpkin Spice Latte! I’ll be making more as soon as I can. I only have two trays so it takes quite some time to do, especially when I have to melt down a lot of Lava wax to turn into Mini Melts. It never ends!

I also have 4 Mini Melts of This is Halloween.

Jelly Doughnut has been released for Hanukkah and doughnut lovers alike! Soon I’ll be making 6 Chocolate candles, also for Hanukkah.

I’m hoping to get a few more winter themed fragrances in, but who knows!

Also coming soon, as in, I have ordered samples for test blending soon, Memorial Candles. These will NOT be available as melts. These will be candle only. The name on the label can be customized to whomever you want. Be it the name of a loved one or a pet that has passed on. Eventually custom fragrances for this candle will be available. As far as specific blends I can’t make any promises. You will be able to choose a fragrance from what I already have (there will be a drop down list) that you can choose as the best representation of your loved one. Keep in mind, for a custom fragrance Memorial Candle, those will be hand made upon ordering. This may include waiting for fragrances to come in if I don’t have the fragrance on hand.

I promise though, to be in communication with you every step of the way of the process. ^_^

Once again thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate your visit! Have a wonderful weekend!

Keep burning bright!


Random Things

What's that shiny stuff?

Hello! Welcome back for another post on Candle Talk!

I’d like to discuss something that you may run across with one of the candles here from Talking Candles, or perhaps a candle from another small business.

Have you ever ordered a candle, only to find a layer of oil on top? That’s fragrance oil! Sometimes it will pull up some dye with it, if you touch it and notice there’s a tint of whatever dominant color is in the candle.

It’s pretty harmless, and results in not mixing the oil in with the wax long enough, or over fragrancing the wax itself. You see, wax can only hold so much depending on the type/blend. We can add things to it to bring it to a higher fragrance load, but there is always a limit. This isn’t a terrible thing really. Just a minor inconvenience. I actually have over fragranced a few candles the other day and am trying to get most of the excess oil out, which is hard to do.

I have found flipping the candles upside down helps, allowing gravity to do the job for me. Though, that’s a slow process. A more immediate remedy is that you can gently blot or wipe the top with a tissue before lighting. Burning the candle will help use up the oil faster.

We candle makers sometimes have a slip of the hand and add too much oil to the wax. It happens from time to time. The best thing to do is just politely bring it to the attention of the candle maker, so that they can keep a better eye on what they are doing. We make mistakes as we are only human.

Thanks for reading!



Coming Soon: Mini Melts

Hello and thank you for taking time to reading Candle Talk. I really appreciate those that come and read my attempted ramblings. I’m a rambler. Sorry.

Coming this next week, mid to late, are mini wax melts! I won’t have refills ready for sale till I get the proper packaging. That’s okay, they should be here soon. All mini melts will have a candle companion. I can’t wait to take pictures of them and reveal! The melts will be very small and come in a standard 8 oz mason jar, labeled with their own fragrance so you don’t have to worry about mixing fragrances and the longevity of your favorites.

As far as pricing, it’s fairly simple. Mini melts can come in a jar, labeled with it’s fragrance. I’ll be filling these jars by weight not volume. They will have 3 oz of cubes inside. Delicious smelling cubes.

Please don’t eat them.


Refill bags will have 6 ounces of mini cubes.

Due to these being loose cubes, they may stick together, but a little shake will unstick them just fine. So don’t worry about that. ^_^

Also, if you do become a customer I appreciate reviews, be it on here, the site (which is helpful for those who don’t do the Facebook thing) or on the TC FB Page, link is at the top of the site.

Thank you so much for reading and have a candleriffic day!


Random Things

A informal list-troduction

Hello there!

So,by now I’ve put out a few posts but I haven’t really talked about myself as in me the person. I am not good at that to be frank. (Hahaha, frank. Frank. Ahem.) I present to you a list of facts and statements about myself:

I am 31 (currently).

I am Sagittarius.

I am born in the year of the Tiger. (as is my firstborn) .

I am married, and have 4 kids total (blended family of step and half siblings for the kids).

I have no problem taking notes from watching tv shows and movies for Talking Candles.

I have one cat and one dog. Cat doesn’t like the dog. And the dog thinks that a hiss means come play. (Husband insists the dog thinks the cat is a squirrel. Makes for great voice over commentary.)

I love to laugh, I have the crows feet/laugh lines to prove it.

Juggling work, parenting duties, and housekeeping is hard when your kids act like it’s a free for all in making messes. flails

I just discovered how to bold shorthand. Ooo.

^Example of myself being easily amused.

I love how my husband thinks I’m crazy but is willing to support me in my half baked ideas. I think he’s trying to get some free apple pie and pumpkin pie candles now. He has also given me some wonderful ideas for candles as well!

I view my reps as my sisters, they are simply the best!

There are so many plans and expansions for Talking Candles in place it makes me dizzy.

A dream for Talking Candles, is to have a shop to work in, as the house would be too small. However, I know that may never happen, as candle companies are plentiful. That reality doesn’t keep me from dreaming :D.

That’s all for now! I hope to reveal more about myself as time goes on! And my apologies for not posting anything last week! Friday was nuts!



Coming soon!

It’s officially fall! And I am so excited to release my list of candles that will be debuting, finally!

Scented Candles to be released:

Pumpkin Spice Latte, seemingly a favorite of the season, I am going to offer this fragrance from now (October) to January of 2019.

This Is Halloween, a spooky fragrance that reminds me of The Night Before Christmas. Totally inspired by the movie and I hope the fragrance is a hit!

Making Christmas, well of course I have to have this one too! You can’t have This is Halloween without Making Christmas! To me it’s the quintessential fragrance of the season, and even though they got it wrong in the beginning, they eventually figure it out!

Please note, that with fragrances I know not everyone will like every single one. We all have our preferences and favorites. That said, I am always listening to customers on suggestions. For exceptionally strong fragrances, please drop me a line if they are too strong. I try to adjust the fragrance amounts to avoid fragrance related headaches.

As for unscented candles, I’ll have the Lux series available in both medium and large sizes! I’ll be sticking to just 8 ounce size for standard fragrance candles. However a custom order of a large candle of your favorite fragrance is always an option!

I’ll be adding other things into the shop that are wax melt related in the new year, fingers crossed!

A note, as a small business owner I’d just like to remind that even if you don’t buy anything at all, yet/ever please share the Talking Candles website, or recommend to fellow friends and family members that enjoy candles/wax melts. Word of mouth is hands down the best way to advertise and I am always listening to you all.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, drop me a line! I’m enjoy hearing from you! You can check out the Contact page for the many ways to get in touch!

Keep Shining!



Candle testing underway!

Ohmigosh guys! I am SO excited!

I've started candle testing, and I have found the absolute best packaging for everything, and it’s compostable/recyclable!

I can't say too much because I haven't tested everything yet, but I can't wait to do a full reveal. (I said that already) Anyhow I can tell you that medium (8 oz) will be used all the time. 16 oz candles (large) will be available as special order requests, as well as standard sizing for beeswax and Lux candles. Those will be hand made on demand, and will have a different shipping schedule. 

My first new candle will probably be revealed way before the other ones, I just have to make a few in both sizes just so there are options. I haven't decided yet on what the standard amount of candles and wax tarts I'll be keeping on hand for every fragrance. Suggestions are welcome!  

I can't express how much fun it is making and testing these. Coming up with new ideas, names... It's just amazing! My prayer is that you like them as much as I do. I put my blood, sweat, and emotions into these. I'm hoping this effort shines through when each is received. 

My next hurdle is figuring out how to ship these to avoid melting. So that should be fun!  I'll have more soon on the new candles. I can't wait to share more!




What do YOU want to see?


I’m going to get straight to the point here.

After looking over the fragrance ideas that I have, I find that aside from your basic food, drinks, and standard fragrances, I have no idea what to do!

Ideas I have are:


Harry Potter

Vampire Academy / Bloodlines



Vacation/Holiday Locations

Birthday related

Field Party Series (by Abbi Glines)

Carve the Mark

Gilmore Girls


So I come to you, wondering what is it that you’d like to see as a fragrance! Is it a underrated book or book series? Something based off of a movie? I want to know what you’d like to see in this shop and I’ll put it into my research and development folder and start working on them! If you know someone that may also have ideas, send them my way! I absolutely love finding out what it is potential customers want. Please, comment below and I’ll get on it!

I appreciate any and all help! Thank you so much!

Keep Shining Bright!


Candle Category

Let's talk about Lux!

Good morning and thank you once again for visiting Candle Talk! Today's topic is about a rather simple little guy, the Lux Candle. Now, I realize that my domain of candle themes are not just standard fragrances, but also books, fandoms and other things that inspire me. 

I have to admit, Lux was not inspired by Jennifer L. Armentrout, however I will tell you what did inspire Lux. Hurricane Irma. Back in 2017 I had made my first ever test batch of candles. Admittedly the first fragrances were AWFUL. My family had just purchased a house a month before Irma had become an idea in our minds. Fatefully, Irma had struck us within weeks after we moved in.

As Irma advanced upon my small town, power went out pretty quickly once she had set her sights on Central Florida. I had remembered my test candles. I did not remember how strong and awful the fragrances were when I lit them. 

Memory hit my nose like Mike Tyson's punch.

Lighting super smelly candles outside didn't do a bit of good when they needed to be inside. My experience with this had developed the idea of an emergency candle. Sure, there are in fact lanterns, flashlights, taper candles and whatnot. I'm not unaware. However I wanted to make a long lasting candle that would be helpful in emergencies. Lux in theory had been created, but nameless. 

I had toyed around with naming the candle line Lumos, but that would be a Harry Potter themed one, and this is not. Lux is it's own entity. A Google search for words that also mean light lead me to Latin. And there you have it. Lux just sitting there, on my screen! I thought it was pretty awesome, and now I've got to continue developing it, so that it becomes a wonderful product. 

Now, Lux candles will be unscented and not dyed, they are purely functional for emergency purposes.

However for those who have fragrance sensitivities, I will be making Lux: Color Edition. These can also be used for those who have sensitivities to fragrances but wish to also have candles around the house. 

I hope you enjoy these new candles as much as I had enjoyed making them!

See you next week!

Candle Care University

Candle Care 102: Wood Wick Maintenance

Thanks for coming back! 

This time we will have a short talk about Wood Wick Care, and safe practices of wood wick candles!

First off,  aside from getting a full pool for your first light, always make sure your wick is trimmed to 1/8th of an inch. Wood wicks are a bit finicky and need to be kept on a tight leash. Despite their peculiar nature, that's why I love wood wicks. They have personality! 

Second, and this is more common sense than anything, when lighting your candles, wood wick or otherwise, always keep in a well ventilated, draft free area. No fans, open windows on a windy day, or A/C vents. 

Third, when you see that you have 1/4th inch wax on the bottom, it's time to stop burning your candle. This is a rule of thumb to keep the glass from shattering. If you think you're ok to keep going, proceed at your own risk. I don't suggest it at all. Cleaning up shards of glass is never fun.

Fourth, for the love of safety and burn free hands, do not move candles while lit with liquid wax chilling in the candle glass. Just don't!

Fifth, to keep a pretty and attractive candle, allow the wax to cool before recapping, and always try to keep out of direct sunlight and harsh indoor light. This will extend the life of the candle visually, keeping colors as they should be. I have taken preventative measures against premature U.V. fading. Though despite measures, if kept for a long time, fading will occur naturally. This will not have negative effects on the fragrance though!

Sixth, a good general rule is to burn a candle for 4 hours at a time. Clearly I'm not following my own rule as I'm doing day long burns to test longevity of the candle... but it's a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. At minimum give your candle a rest a few times a day. Let the candle cool, the wax to harden, then relight. Trim wick as necessary. (For trimming I suggest using toenail clippers. No joke!)

Follow these tips for a happy and healthy candle for you to enjoy!

Next post will be Candle Care 103: After the Flame Burns Out. 

Thanks for reading!


Candle Care 101

Candle Care 101: The First Burn


Today I'm going to talk about a very important subject! Candle care! 

That's right! 

Candle Care 101 is being kicked off right now! On the very important topic of the first burn.

Now, I have seen my candles, and my own mother's candles do something absolutely horrible! Really! This horrible thing is... tunneling.  This usually happens when the  candle is blown out before the wax can pool side to side in the jar or tin. When you burn a candle for the first time you are setting the stage for the rest of the life of that candle. 

When you extinguish the candle too early the wax memory remembers how wide it was able to pool, and from then on will only pool within that area. Which is a waste of your money if you ask me! You want to use all of the wax, not just half of it right? 


So this is why the first burn is so important! Always make sure to have time to let the candle burn for a few hours the first time, depending on the size of the candle. For Talking Candles small jars (4 oz), it takes roughly an hour for a full pool to begin.

There are reasons beyond not burning your candle long enough that results in a less than successful first side to side pool. The biggest culprit in this is not using an appropriate sized wick. Using a wick too small, or not enough wicks will also pose a problem. I have noticed this in a few store bought candles my stepmother has given me. When this is the cause, there's not much you can do. 

Though, if you do your best to make the most of your first burn in all candles, you'll never waste wax again!

Come back for Candle Care 102: Wood Wick Care!

Thanks for stopping by for a read! Leave a comment below if you like! Have a wonderful day!



Talking Candles Makeover

I am so excited for this new makeover Talking Candles is going under! Changes abound in this new stage of my baby business! Choosing Squarespace as the official home for Talking Candles really was just the easiest choice for me. I had talked to my rep, husband, parents, and so on. 

Actually, to be perfectly honest, it was my friend, and my mother both who had made mention of some things that are nothing but more advantageous for Talking Candles. Granted, they brought up the same thing, something I can't reveal just yet. Though in a conversation with my mother, she had mentioned customer accounts. I was also aware that I needed to streamline the shipping situation that was just an absolute nightmare for myself. So here are just a few new things that you can now do on Talking Candles.

  • Customer accounts: You can now have your very own customer account! Yay!

  • Live shipping charges: No more overcharging for shipping and getting a refund! I have measured and measured again to be extra sure everything can be charged appropriately.


  • Read Candle Talk without leaving talkingcandles.com!

I hope all these changes are well received! And as always, if any errors are noticed on the website that have somehow escaped me please let me know!