Blog Upgrade!

Thanks again for visiting Candle Talk! I wanted to share a few updates, and major changes!

Major update: NEW FRAGRANCES!

I am doing Divergent, Heartless, and Alice in Wonderland! Divergent and Heartless are complete sets, where as I will be adding to Alice in Wonderland as I figure out fragrances for other characters!

Memorial candles will be available soon!

Samples of ALL FRAGRANCES will be available for purchase! They will be grouped by fandom/book/show/movie/season/holidays. However, each fragrance will have a sample selection, if you choose to just try one. Bundle samples will be listed separately.

Major update 2: VLOGS! I won’t be writing much anymore unless it’s to talk about sales and things! I want to show the candles as I talk about them and this is the best way for me to do so. Caught on camera! I’m excited to bring these changes and can’t wait to keep growing this year!

- Meg