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Candle Care 102: Wood Wick Maintenance

Thanks for coming back! 

This time we will have a short talk about Wood Wick Care, and safe practices of wood wick candles!

First off,  aside from getting a full pool for your first light, always make sure your wick is trimmed to 1/8th of an inch. Wood wicks are a bit finicky and need to be kept on a tight leash. Despite their peculiar nature, that's why I love wood wicks. They have personality! 

Second, and this is more common sense than anything, when lighting your candles, wood wick or otherwise, always keep in a well ventilated, draft free area. No fans, open windows on a windy day, or A/C vents. 

Third, when you see that you have 1/4th inch wax on the bottom, it's time to stop burning your candle. This is a rule of thumb to keep the glass from shattering. If you think you're ok to keep going, proceed at your own risk. I don't suggest it at all. Cleaning up shards of glass is never fun.

Fourth, for the love of safety and burn free hands, do not move candles while lit with liquid wax chilling in the candle glass. Just don't!

Fifth, to keep a pretty and attractive candle, allow the wax to cool before recapping, and always try to keep out of direct sunlight and harsh indoor light. This will extend the life of the candle visually, keeping colors as they should be. I have taken preventative measures against premature U.V. fading. Though despite measures, if kept for a long time, fading will occur naturally. This will not have negative effects on the fragrance though!

Sixth, a good general rule is to burn a candle for 4 hours at a time. Clearly I'm not following my own rule as I'm doing day long burns to test longevity of the candle... but it's a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. At minimum give your candle a rest a few times a day. Let the candle cool, the wax to harden, then relight. Trim wick as necessary. (For trimming I suggest using toenail clippers. No joke!)

Follow these tips for a happy and healthy candle for you to enjoy!

Next post will be Candle Care 103: After the Flame Burns Out. 

Thanks for reading!