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On demand, or premade?

Sorry for the late post everyone! I know most of my posts are short, sweet, and to the point most days. Today…. may not be one of those days.

I’ve been running around trying to get my life (home and Talking Candles) together for next weekend! So, if you plan on ordering anything, please do so by Friday morning 9 AM EST Dec 14th. I’ll actually be picking my boy up early from school to beat traffic for the weekend. Can’t call him out for the day. He missed too much time with breaking his clavicle and all.


I’m kicking around the idea of doing on demand orders, rather than premaking everything, including wax melts. That way everyone can get what they want, they just have to wait for cure time, and possibly fragrance ordering time. (If I don’t have the fragrance in stock.) This would open up to MORE fragrances being released more quickly.

What do you think? I have also asked the question on Instagram Stories, so a comment here or there is very helpful!

I might do single fragrances, on demand, and blends will have to be premade until the become popular on their own standing? This might be helpful in the long term to do things this way.

Another thing I’ve been wondering is if anyone REALLY wants Lux candles. Not a nary one has sold, even though they are ridiculously practical. Oh well. I’ll probably end up gifting them if I don’t have them sold by the time Friday rolls around. Can’t visit for a early Christmas weekend without presents!

The Christmas sale is still going on! Best to get the shopping finished if you’re ordering online before the 22nd! That way mail doesn’t get too crazy!

Despite all these thoughts, and questions, I do hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! Or productive depending on what needs or has to be done!

Keep burning bright!



Coming soon!

It’s officially fall! And I am so excited to release my list of candles that will be debuting, finally!

Scented Candles to be released:

Pumpkin Spice Latte, seemingly a favorite of the season, I am going to offer this fragrance from now (October) to January of 2019.

This Is Halloween, a spooky fragrance that reminds me of The Night Before Christmas. Totally inspired by the movie and I hope the fragrance is a hit!

Making Christmas, well of course I have to have this one too! You can’t have This is Halloween without Making Christmas! To me it’s the quintessential fragrance of the season, and even though they got it wrong in the beginning, they eventually figure it out!

Please note, that with fragrances I know not everyone will like every single one. We all have our preferences and favorites. That said, I am always listening to customers on suggestions. For exceptionally strong fragrances, please drop me a line if they are too strong. I try to adjust the fragrance amounts to avoid fragrance related headaches.

As for unscented candles, I’ll have the Lux series available in both medium and large sizes! I’ll be sticking to just 8 ounce size for standard fragrance candles. However a custom order of a large candle of your favorite fragrance is always an option!

I’ll be adding other things into the shop that are wax melt related in the new year, fingers crossed!

A note, as a small business owner I’d just like to remind that even if you don’t buy anything at all, yet/ever please share the Talking Candles website, or recommend to fellow friends and family members that enjoy candles/wax melts. Word of mouth is hands down the best way to advertise and I am always listening to you all.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, drop me a line! I’m enjoy hearing from you! You can check out the Contact page for the many ways to get in touch!

Keep Shining!



Candle testing underway!

Ohmigosh guys! I am SO excited!

I've started candle testing, and I have found the absolute best packaging for everything, and it’s compostable/recyclable!

I can't say too much because I haven't tested everything yet, but I can't wait to do a full reveal. (I said that already) Anyhow I can tell you that medium (8 oz) will be used all the time. 16 oz candles (large) will be available as special order requests, as well as standard sizing for beeswax and Lux candles. Those will be hand made on demand, and will have a different shipping schedule. 

My first new candle will probably be revealed way before the other ones, I just have to make a few in both sizes just so there are options. I haven't decided yet on what the standard amount of candles and wax tarts I'll be keeping on hand for every fragrance. Suggestions are welcome!  

I can't express how much fun it is making and testing these. Coming up with new ideas, names... It's just amazing! My prayer is that you like them as much as I do. I put my blood, sweat, and emotions into these. I'm hoping this effort shines through when each is received. 

My next hurdle is figuring out how to ship these to avoid melting. So that should be fun!  I'll have more soon on the new candles. I can't wait to share more!