Talking Candles Makeover

I am so excited for this new makeover Talking Candles is going under! Changes abound in this new stage of my baby business! Choosing Squarespace as the official home for Talking Candles really was just the easiest choice for me. I had talked to my rep, husband, parents, and so on. 

Actually, to be perfectly honest, it was my friend, and my mother both who had made mention of some things that are nothing but more advantageous for Talking Candles. Granted, they brought up the same thing, something I can't reveal just yet. Though in a conversation with my mother, she had mentioned customer accounts. I was also aware that I needed to streamline the shipping situation that was just an absolute nightmare for myself. So here are just a few new things that you can now do on Talking Candles.

  • Customer accounts: You can now have your very own customer account! Yay!

  • Live shipping charges: No more overcharging for shipping and getting a refund! I have measured and measured again to be extra sure everything can be charged appropriately.


  • Read Candle Talk without leaving!

I hope all these changes are well received! And as always, if any errors are noticed on the website that have somehow escaped me please let me know!