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Hello! Welcome back for another post on Candle Talk!

I’d like to discuss something that you may run across with one of the candles here from Talking Candles, or perhaps a candle from another small business.

Have you ever ordered a candle, only to find a layer of oil on top? That’s fragrance oil! Sometimes it will pull up some dye with it, if you touch it and notice there’s a tint of whatever dominant color is in the candle.

It’s pretty harmless, and results in not mixing the oil in with the wax long enough, or over fragrancing the wax itself. You see, wax can only hold so much depending on the type/blend. We can add things to it to bring it to a higher fragrance load, but there is always a limit. This isn’t a terrible thing really. Just a minor inconvenience. I actually have over fragranced a few candles the other day and am trying to get most of the excess oil out, which is hard to do.

I have found flipping the candles upside down helps, allowing gravity to do the job for me. Though, that’s a slow process. A more immediate remedy is that you can gently blot or wipe the top with a tissue before lighting. Burning the candle will help use up the oil faster.

We candle makers sometimes have a slip of the hand and add too much oil to the wax. It happens from time to time. The best thing to do is just politely bring it to the attention of the candle maker, so that they can keep a better eye on what they are doing. We make mistakes as we are only human.

Thanks for reading!