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Let's talk about Lux!

Good morning and thank you once again for visiting Candle Talk! Today's topic is about a rather simple little guy, the Lux Candle. Now, I realize that my domain of candle themes are not just standard fragrances, but also books, fandoms and other things that inspire me. 

I have to admit, Lux was not inspired by Jennifer L. Armentrout, however I will tell you what did inspire Lux. Hurricane Irma. Back in 2017 I had made my first ever test batch of candles. Admittedly the first fragrances were AWFUL. My family had just purchased a house a month before Irma had become an idea in our minds. Fatefully, Irma had struck us within weeks after we moved in.

As Irma advanced upon my small town, power went out pretty quickly once she had set her sights on Central Florida. I had remembered my test candles. I did not remember how strong and awful the fragrances were when I lit them. 

Memory hit my nose like Mike Tyson's punch.

Lighting super smelly candles outside didn't do a bit of good when they needed to be inside. My experience with this had developed the idea of an emergency candle. Sure, there are in fact lanterns, flashlights, taper candles and whatnot. I'm not unaware. However I wanted to make a long lasting candle that would be helpful in emergencies. Lux in theory had been created, but nameless. 

I had toyed around with naming the candle line Lumos, but that would be a Harry Potter themed one, and this is not. Lux is it's own entity. A Google search for words that also mean light lead me to Latin. And there you have it. Lux just sitting there, on my screen! I thought it was pretty awesome, and now I've got to continue developing it, so that it becomes a wonderful product. 

Now, Lux candles will be unscented and not dyed, they are purely functional for emergency purposes.

However for those who have fragrance sensitivities, I will be making Lux: Color Edition. These can also be used for those who have sensitivities to fragrances but wish to also have candles around the house. 

I hope you enjoy these new candles as much as I had enjoyed making them!

See you next week!