Mini Melts


Mini Melt Update and more!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week if you are in the U.S.A. no matter what day you celebrated. I had a great time celebrating the day with my family.

Update on the Mini Melts!

I have 2 available for Pumpkin Spice Latte! I’ll be making more as soon as I can. I only have two trays so it takes quite some time to do, especially when I have to melt down a lot of Lava wax to turn into Mini Melts. It never ends!

I also have 4 Mini Melts of This is Halloween.

Jelly Doughnut has been released for Hanukkah and doughnut lovers alike! Soon I’ll be making 6 Chocolate candles, also for Hanukkah.

I’m hoping to get a few more winter themed fragrances in, but who knows!

Also coming soon, as in, I have ordered samples for test blending soon, Memorial Candles. These will NOT be available as melts. These will be candle only. The name on the label can be customized to whomever you want. Be it the name of a loved one or a pet that has passed on. Eventually custom fragrances for this candle will be available. As far as specific blends I can’t make any promises. You will be able to choose a fragrance from what I already have (there will be a drop down list) that you can choose as the best representation of your loved one. Keep in mind, for a custom fragrance Memorial Candle, those will be hand made upon ordering. This may include waiting for fragrances to come in if I don’t have the fragrance on hand.

I promise though, to be in communication with you every step of the way of the process. ^_^

Once again thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate your visit! Have a wonderful weekend!

Keep burning bright!



Coming Soon: Mini Melts

Hello and thank you for taking time to reading Candle Talk. I really appreciate those that come and read my attempted ramblings. I’m a rambler. Sorry.

Coming this next week, mid to late, are mini wax melts! I won’t have refills ready for sale till I get the proper packaging. That’s okay, they should be here soon. All mini melts will have a candle companion. I can’t wait to take pictures of them and reveal! The melts will be very small and come in a standard 8 oz mason jar, labeled with their own fragrance so you don’t have to worry about mixing fragrances and the longevity of your favorites.

As far as pricing, it’s fairly simple. Mini melts can come in a jar, labeled with it’s fragrance. I’ll be filling these jars by weight not volume. They will have 3 oz of cubes inside. Delicious smelling cubes.

Please don’t eat them.


Refill bags will have 6 ounces of mini cubes.

Due to these being loose cubes, they may stick together, but a little shake will unstick them just fine. So don’t worry about that. ^_^

Also, if you do become a customer I appreciate reviews, be it on here, the site (which is helpful for those who don’t do the Facebook thing) or on the TC FB Page, link is at the top of the site.

Thank you so much for reading and have a candleriffic day!