New Things


Coming Soon: Mini Melts

Hello and thank you for taking time to reading Candle Talk. I really appreciate those that come and read my attempted ramblings. I’m a rambler. Sorry.

Coming this next week, mid to late, are mini wax melts! I won’t have refills ready for sale till I get the proper packaging. That’s okay, they should be here soon. All mini melts will have a candle companion. I can’t wait to take pictures of them and reveal! The melts will be very small and come in a standard 8 oz mason jar, labeled with their own fragrance so you don’t have to worry about mixing fragrances and the longevity of your favorites.

As far as pricing, it’s fairly simple. Mini melts can come in a jar, labeled with it’s fragrance. I’ll be filling these jars by weight not volume. They will have 3 oz of cubes inside. Delicious smelling cubes.

Please don’t eat them.


Refill bags will have 6 ounces of mini cubes.

Due to these being loose cubes, they may stick together, but a little shake will unstick them just fine. So don’t worry about that. ^_^

Also, if you do become a customer I appreciate reviews, be it on here, the site (which is helpful for those who don’t do the Facebook thing) or on the TC FB Page, link is at the top of the site.

Thank you so much for reading and have a candleriffic day!



Candle testing underway!

Ohmigosh guys! I am SO excited!

I've started candle testing, and I have found the absolute best packaging for everything, and it’s compostable/recyclable!

I can't say too much because I haven't tested everything yet, but I can't wait to do a full reveal. (I said that already) Anyhow I can tell you that medium (8 oz) will be used all the time. 16 oz candles (large) will be available as special order requests, as well as standard sizing for beeswax and Lux candles. Those will be hand made on demand, and will have a different shipping schedule. 

My first new candle will probably be revealed way before the other ones, I just have to make a few in both sizes just so there are options. I haven't decided yet on what the standard amount of candles and wax tarts I'll be keeping on hand for every fragrance. Suggestions are welcome!  

I can't express how much fun it is making and testing these. Coming up with new ideas, names... It's just amazing! My prayer is that you like them as much as I do. I put my blood, sweat, and emotions into these. I'm hoping this effort shines through when each is received. 

My next hurdle is figuring out how to ship these to avoid melting. So that should be fun!  I'll have more soon on the new candles. I can't wait to share more!




Talking Candles Makeover

I am so excited for this new makeover Talking Candles is going under! Changes abound in this new stage of my baby business! Choosing Squarespace as the official home for Talking Candles really was just the easiest choice for me. I had talked to my rep, husband, parents, and so on. 

Actually, to be perfectly honest, it was my friend, and my mother both who had made mention of some things that are nothing but more advantageous for Talking Candles. Granted, they brought up the same thing, something I can't reveal just yet. Though in a conversation with my mother, she had mentioned customer accounts. I was also aware that I needed to streamline the shipping situation that was just an absolute nightmare for myself. So here are just a few new things that you can now do on Talking Candles.

  • Customer accounts: You can now have your very own customer account! Yay!

  • Live shipping charges: No more overcharging for shipping and getting a refund! I have measured and measured again to be extra sure everything can be charged appropriately.


  • Read Candle Talk without leaving!

I hope all these changes are well received! And as always, if any errors are noticed on the website that have somehow escaped me please let me know!